Professional Development

After earning the CCDP® designation, it is required to maintain it with ongoing professional development, highlighting dedication to continuous growth in career development. This certification signifies staying informed about industry trends and maintaining high service standards.

Commitment to CCDP® Designation

Uphold a dedication to continuous professional development by actively engaging in ongoing learning and staying updated on industry trends.

Elevate Service Standards

By maintaining your CCDP® designation, you demonstrate a commitment to high service standards, ensuring quality in your professional endeavors

Reinforce Knowledge of the Profession

Equip yourself with essential skills to navigate the dynamic career development landscape, empowering you to shape your professional journey effectively.

Impact Clients’

Upholding your CCDP® designation allows you to positively impact clients’ well-being, leveraging your expertise to create meaningful outcomes in their lives.

Maintenance Requirements

*The National Technical Working Group is currently reviewing Professional Development requirements. The following requirements are subject to changes.

Requirements Overview

To maintain the designation, a CCDP® must reapply for certification every three (3) years, which involves providing detailed reports on at least 60 professional development credits. Typically, one hour equals one credit. All Professional Development credits must align with the National Profile.

A CCDP® who fails to submit the required hours for certification maintenance will be excluded from the CCDP® directory and will no longer be acknowledged as holding the CCDP® designation.

Types of Professional Development

Maintenance Cycle

To retain your certified status, a CCDP® enters a 3-year maintenance cycle upon conference of designation. The CCDP® submits detailed reporting information regarding their Professional Development credits during this cycle. Failure to meet the Professional Development maintenance requirements will result in removal from the registry and the individual no longer holding the CCDP® designation.