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Unlock career success with the CCDP® designation. Build trust, qualify your skills, and boost confidence. The National Career Development Certification program is rooted in recognizing the skills and experience gained from working in the field and validating them through assessment.

Certification FAQ

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Steps of Certification

*The National Technical Working Group is currently reviewing Certification requirements. The following requirements are subject to changes.

Why get certified?

Qualify Your Expertise

A Career Development Professional’s (CDP) competence is qualified when their skills are demonstrated based on The National Competency Profile for Career Development Professionals. It reflects a commitment to advancing their knowledge in the field, ensuring their understanding and competence align with industry best practices.

Build Public Trust

The CCDP® (Certified Career Development Practitioner) designation signifies a dedication to established practice standards that foster trust and strong client relationships. As part of a network of career professionals you will enhance the public’s understanding of career development services.

Recognize Your Skills

CDPs will recognize their skills by fostering self-confidence, helping them identify areas for growth, and aligning their competencies using Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) methods. It will assist professionals in staying relevant in an ever-evolving industry.

Increase Confidence

The CCDP® designation boosts a career professional’s confidence by shaping their self-perception and professional reputation. It provides recognition, establishes credibility, and ensures they maintain smart practices and current industry knowledge.